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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Division of General Services


Policies & Procedures

Organizational Information
Review Plan of Operation Read more#
Review of Strategic Plan Read more#
Nez/Lizer Hozhoo Dine Bi Nahata Strategic Plan Read more
Review Organizational Structure Read more#
Job Classification Read more#
Review Evaluation Form Read more#
Review DGS Administration/Department Website Read more#
Administrative Policies
Navajo Nation Motor Vehicle Operator's Handbook Read more#
Navajo Nation Ethics in Government Act Read more#
Navajo Nation Privacy and Access to Information Act Read more#
Navajo Nation Appropriations Act Read more#
Navajo Preference and Indian Law Act Read more#
Navajo Nation Legislative Process Policy Read more#
Finance/Travel PoliciesYO
Navajo Nation Employee Travel Policy and Procedures Handbook Read more
Navajo Nation Purchase Card Policies Read more#
Navajo Nation CCER Expense Reporting Read more
Navajo Nation CCER Packet Submission Read more
Navajo Nation Privately Owned Vehicles Reimbursement Rate Read more
Navajo Nation Per Diem Rates Read more
Navajo Nation Meals Breakdown Read more
Navajo Nation Procurement Rules & Regulations Read more
Navajo Nation Budget Instruction Manual Read more#
Wright Express / HID Fuel Card / Key FOB / WEX Orientation Read more#
Personnel Policies
Navajo Nation Personnel Policies Manual Read more
Navajo Nation Chain of Command Policy Read more#
Navajo Nation Drug and Alchohol in the Workplace Policy Read more#
Sexual Harassment Training by Staff Development & Training Read more#
DGS - Employee Benefits Training Read more#
DGS - Workers Compensation Training Read more#
DGS - Risk Management Training Read more#
Other Training/Orientations (Supervisor's Discetion)
FMIS/6B Certification Training by Office of the Controller Read more#
Navajo Nation New Employee Orientation by Staff Development & Training Read more#
Defensive Driving Course by Navajo DOT/Highway Safety Read more#
Navajo Nation Identification Card by Navajo DOT/Highway Safety Read more#
Navajo Nation Tribal Permit by Navajo DOT/Highway Safety Read more#
FEMA Training - IS-100: Introduction to Incident Command System Read more#
FEMA Training - IS-230: Fundamentals of Emergency Management Read more#
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