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Friday, July 19, 2024

Division of General Services

 1575A Hwy 264, Bldg. #1, Tse Bonito Business Park, Tse Bonito, NM 87375

 P.O. Box 9000, Window Rock, AZ 86515



Print Requests:


Marlene S. Slim, Program Supervisor I

Office Ext:  505-371-5113

Denisha Nelson, Office Specialist

Office Ext:  505-371-5113

VACANT, Mail Clerk

Office Ext:  928-729-4278

RECORDS, RETENTION & DISPOSITION SECTION ***  Fort Defiance Industrial Park, Route 12, Building #2687,
   Fort Defiance, AZ 86504  *** 
   Fax Number: 505-729-4280

Lottie P. Clarke, Senior Office Specialist

Office Ext:  928-729-4275

Orlando B. Juarez, Office Assistant

Office Ext:  928-729-4278

VACANT, Office Aide

Office Ext:  928-729-4278

   Tse Bonito Business Park - Professional Bldg. #1, Tse Bonito Business Park,
   Tse Bonito, NM 87375 *** 
   Fax Number: 505-371-5109

Michael L. Joe, Senior Information Systems Technician

Office Ext:  505-371-5114

Eula Tsinajinie, Senior Office Specialist

Office Ext:  505-371-5111

Georgia A. Buck, Office Assistant

Office Ext:  505-371-5110

Angela Brown, Office Assistant

Office Ext:  505-371-5117

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